Sensor technology developed in co-operation with 

the University of Jyväskylä

Development Partners

Sensor technology developed in co-operation with 

the University of Jyväskylä

Development Partners

Sensor technology developed in co-operation with 

the University of Jyväskylä

Development Partners


Rehabilitation based on new, innovative sensor technology

Sensors that are sensitive to touch and detect movement collect data on the progress of rehabilitation.

Meaningful and Motivational Rehabilitation

The audio feedback connected with the exercises motivates and guides you to do the exercises correctly.

The inspiring effect of music has been demonstrated in numerous studies.

Rehab anywhere and anytime - even remotely


The rehabilitation glove is easily portable and can be used in a number of different situations - for example on a business trip.


KAiKU Care's purpose is to motivate and enhance rehabilitation using musical feedback. During rehabilitation sessions, the patient hears the sound or music of their choice. The volume of the sound reflects the sensitivity of touch along with the patients' arm movements. This feedback from the volume of the sound guides the patient to do the exercises correctly and provides feedback on the progress of rehabilitation. Thus, completing intense rehabilitation becomes enjoyable and fun thanks to the musical feedback. The chosen music for the App is based on researches that have examined for example musical affections of CVA-patients in different group ages. The sound quality is high-class and music has produced alongside with professional musicians.

The technology developed in the KAiKU Care product is also used in other products suitable for rehabilitation developed by the company.

KAiKU Care is a glove specialising in rehabilitation, which aims to improve, motivate and enhance hand rehabilitation in a completely innovative way. With the help of sensor technology, the glove can be used to measure the compressive strength of the fingers and its changes. Along with the help of gyroscope and accelerometer technology, the glove measures the hand's trajectories comprehensively, as well as the rotation of the wrist and upper limb trajectories. KAiKU Care is also suitable in developing activities for remote rehabilitation.

KAiKU Care is suited perfectly for distant rehab. Along with KAiKU Care App makes possibilities to rehab anywhere you want. The glove is easily portable, allowing the patient to do rehabilitation exercises outside the home or clinic. The service works with a smartphone, tabloid, and computer. KAiKU Care collects data about the rehabilitation in a realtime and rehabilitator can follow rehabilitation exercises and progression of rehab with cloud service.

KAiKU Care - new motivational hand rehabilitation


Data Collection

The KAiKU Care program collects important information about the progress of rehabilitation and provides an opportunity to monitor the progress of rehabilitation.


The gyroscope and accelerometer record even small movements.



The KAiKU rehabilitation concept motivates
and directs the rehabilitation
when doing exercises. The music has composed alongside with high-qualified musicians and composers.


Available for major platforms such as Apple OS, iOS, Windows and Android.


KAiKU Care can be used with a computer, tablet
or smartphone.
KAiKU Care connects wirelessly
using a Bluetooth connection.


Using the KAiKU Care application, you can create individual exercise profiles, taking into account the specific characteristics of the patients being rehabilitated.


KAiKU Care - The Glove

Rehab with music. Combine music with precise hand and finger movements to make rehabilitation motivating and fun.

Rehabilitate anywhere with any smart device. The KAiKU Care glove is a portable, safe and research-ready wearable rehabilitation device, which motivates and enables remote rehabilitation.

KAiKU Care - Application


The KAiKU Care app measures the touch strength of your fingers and creates data based on it. The clinician and the patient can monitor the progress of rehabilitation in real time.


The application provides important information on the progress of rehabilitation. The clinician receives extensive information about the completion of the exercises and the progress of the rehabilitation.

The patient receives audio/music feedback guiding and motivating them to do the exercises correctly.

The KAiKU Care app allows the clinician to adjust the sensitivity of the glove sensors, to suit the needs of the patient being rehabilitated.

Get to Know

Get to Know


Related Research

Music listening enhances cognitive recovery and mood after middle cerebral artery stroke



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About the company

TACTION ENTERPRISES Inc / Oy is a company founded in 2016 that develops products based on innovative sensor technology and motion detection. The company's headquarters is in the USA (Los Angeles) but product development and manufacturing takes place in Finland (Jyväskylä).

Our goal is to bring user-accessible interfaces where technology serves people and makes our lives easier. The ever-evolving world brings users new ways to interact with technology. We want to make this interaction a natural, easy and work-enriching experience.

The name of the company, Taction, refers to touch. Sensors that are sensitive to the various nuances of touch are utilized in products aimed at rehabilitation and well-being. We also apply sensors in our products that help special groups - such as the mentally handicapped and the visually impaired.





• The glove has 15 capacitive, touch-sensitive sensors.

• The sensors are made of high quality silver braided fabric.


The electronic unit

• The electronic unit at the wrist contains the components required for contact recognition (MPR).

• Gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer detect hand movements.

• The BLE transmitter sends data wirelessly to a receiving device, which can be a computer (Mac OS, Windows, Android), a tablet (iOS, Android), or a smartphone (iOS, Android).


Power supply

• The glove has a lithium battery that can be charged for an average of 9 hours of use. The battery charges in about three hours.

• The battery can be charged either with a standard power cord or by connecting the glove to a computer with a USB cable, for example.

Fabric material

• The glove is made of flexible lycra, which makes the glove suitable for hands of different sizes.

• The glove can be opened at the edge, making it easy to wear.

• Velcro straps on the glove can be used to adjust the closeness of fit around the wrist.



• Gloves are available in three different sizes (S, M / L, XL) in both left and right handed models.


Cleaning and hygiene

• Sensors and gloves can be cleaned with disinfectants. The materials are also resistant to hand washing.

• The glove can also be worn by wearing the glove over a disposable glove.



Kalevi Louhivuori, CEO